February 19, 2014

The Tainted

Without a doubt, The Tainted is my favorite of the 'named' Nazgul models (I also really like all of the original 'Riders in Black' minis - I have them painted around here somewhere so I should get photos of them too...). I love the hunched figure on the horse. I opted to paint the horse dark brown to add a second spot of color to the model. As with the shade from a few posts back, this model was harder to paint that I anticipated. It took lots of layers, several washes, and a few more layers to get the effect I wanted.

It seems to be the opinion of the SBG community that The Tainted is the least effective Nazgul model in the game and often hinders your own side more than that of the enemy! Oh, well... I plan to use him in my Angmar army anyway. I also have The Dwimmerlaik and The Witch-king so between the three of these wraiths I should be able to find a combination I like!

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  1. Hello,
    Very nice painting, this Nazgul is my favorite too.