February 21, 2014

Fellowship Friday - Samwise Gamgee

Sam has always been one of my favorites and I think this model does a great job at capturing the film version of the character...


  1. Nice work getting the different tones of green and grey to match. Lovely miniature!

  2. Nice work, this is a tiny figure and it is hard to make unique, you have a done a great job.


  3. Thanks, guys. All of the LotR personalities was a bit of a departure for me because I used a lot of washes and mixed all of the highlights rather than simply using triads like I normally do - sometimes as many as five or six layers for large areas. I don't know if it shows up in the photographs, but you can definitely see the difference in person when they are placed next to similar models in my collection.

    Not how I'd paint an army, but I thought the Fellowship deserved the extra work!