February 7, 2014

More Orcs!

Did I mention painting orcs is fun?

Now that the rank and file are out of the way (though I do have enough metal models to build a third warband), I'm going to paint up some of the stranger creatures haunting the north...

I'm not working from points lists or what might be best in the game. My collection includes...

The Witch-king, mounted and on foot
Dimmerlaik, mounted and on foot
The Tainted, mounted and on foot

Orc Captain and 12 Orc Warriors (PAINTED)
Orc Captain and 12 Orc Warriors (PAINTED)
Orc Captain and 12 Orc Warriors

Buhrdur and 2 Cave Trolls

Shade and 8 Spectres (models from the Army of the Dead)
6 Barrow Wights (wouldn't use all of these in one game, but might paint them all)

Isengard Allies (will actually be Evil Men of Angmar and Rhudaur)
Thrydan Wolfsbane (probably change his name) and 10 Warriors of Dunland
Dunlending Captain and 10 Wildmen of Dunland
Dunlending Captain and 10 WIldmen of Dunland

Moria Allies
Warg Chieftain and 10 Wild Wargs
Bat Swarm

I have lots of other stuff like Uruk-hai (both Isengard and Mordor versions), more Nazgul including one mounted on a fell beast, lots of goblins, etc. but the models above are the ones I want to paint specifically for Angmar. One of the cool things about the evil armies in LotR is that many of the models work for Angmar, Isengard, and Mordor and can be themed for any of these with the right additions.


  1. Absolutely love the idea of good ol' skirmishing parties rambling across Middle-Earth. Good progress from you there, and some really excellent paintjobs.
    Have you thought about using a LotR-adaption for the SAGA rules? Some very nice boards already out there, and the rules seem a good fit.

    Cheers, SG

    1. Thanks, GS!

      I'm just getting into the LotR rules... I have thought about adapting Donnybrook though. Orcs are easy to convert, but I'd need to work out rules for the Nazgul and other mystical creatures!

  2. Very nice C. Looking forward to see what you do with the Dunlendings as the Iron Men of Carn Dum. The rougher Dunlendings do make good Hillmen of Rhudaur.

    1. I'm planning on painting the Wildmen of Dunland in the same fashion as my orcs - mixed browns with accents of black and red. The Warriors of Dunland will be painted with a more uniform appearance to represent the men of Carn Dum.

      I am really looking forward to painting these!

  3. Hello,
    Very nice orcs !!! I'm waiting for men of Carn Dum....
    It makes me want to paint my own orcs...