September 5, 2013

Swedish Flags for Poltava

The Swedish flags for the GNW are finally ready and should be available from the LoA shop soon.

This release provides all of the foot units that were present at Poltava. The last sheet is actually variations for Skaraborg, Uppland, and Kalmar based on descriptions given by the Russians at Poltava - there are official government versions for these units scattered through the other sheets for those who want the earlier flags. Again, thanks to Örjan Martinsson (Tacitus of the Fighting Talk forum) for all of his help sorting through these.


  1. I saw some of your Flags Clarence at The Other Partizan and they are highly impressive.

    My hope is that one day you may make some Wars of the Roses/Late Me. heraldry(?).


  2. Heh, you never know but I am more committed to creating a comprehensive collection for the LoA period. If I were to expand it would probably be to the AWI or Napoleonic period (both of which I have substantial stores of already).