September 12, 2013

LoA Blog Lottery

We're not there yet over at the League of Augsburg Blog, but in honor of reaching 100 followers my lovely wife will throw percentile dice to generate a number from 1-100. I will count through the followers list as it appears here on the site and the lucky winner gets a very rare (I don't think Barry even has one) first edition copy of Beneath the Lily Banners!

This is the first book Barry and I worked on together. Even if you have the second edition this is a great addition. if only for all of the photos. If you haven't signed up on the LoA Blog, head over do it now... there's no prize until we reach 100!


  1. And if you sign up, your chance of winning will be better than 1 in a hundred because I am withdrawing my chance to win because I already have a first edition . . . a SIGNED first edition . . . so if my number comes up, I'm asking that a new number be generated.

    -- Jeff

  2. They are even better because Barry, Dave, and I are all followers too and will be ineligible!

    Hurry over if you ARE interested... the site went from 93 to 99 since this post!

  3. Boo, follower number 101 here, Hope you discout those who withdraw before rolling, otherwise I'm out. Still, i get another cool blog to follow, so I'm not really losing out!

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