September 14, 2013

Guns for King Billy

This week I finished the artillery for the Williamite army...

These have been painted in the uniform of King William III's artillery trayne for the campaign in Ireland - blue coats with orange facings (orange in the same manner that my Dutch Guard were painted - no reason to think the artillery uniforms held up any better than the guard unit). Only trained artillerists were issued with uniforms, with the 'fetch and carry' labor being provided by civilians so I have mixed in a few models in grey or brown. In the last photo you can see I cunningly included an officer and chap in grey which means this gun will work equally well for either side.

The guns are separate from their bases. I intent to paint up limbers for each and will be able to use the same guns. I still need to paint up stuff for the artillery park to go behind each field gun, but I haven't gotten around to acquiring stuff for those.

Two field guns will be plenty for the size games I will normally run on a 4x8' table. BLB recommends no more than one battalion gun per brigade. I actually have four brigades of Williamite foot, but again I think two is enough for my table. When I paint the Jacobites, one of their guns will be generic as well so I will be able to load up three guns on one side if necessary.

I also have two monster guns of position, but I'm saving them for when I begin to build up siege stuff. I want to get the field armies finished first.

In further news, last week I received a very heavy box from Barry loaded to the gills with Warfare stuff. Besides enough infantry to finish my Williamite army (two more Huguenot battalions and St. John's), there were enough dragoons for two squadrons of dismounted dragoons to start on my Jacobites and some spare cavalry to model more brigadiers! A squadron of the Duke of Schomberg's Horse are also on the table and should be finished soon...


  1. You might lie the Fife & Drum ammo wagons to use in your artillery park.

  2. Not my era, but these are nice pics!