September 1, 2011

Warfare Miniatures Painting Competition

We are running a painting competition focusing on the new WARFARE MINIATURES range!

To enter, all you have to do is paint a regiment of WARFARE MINIATURES. 16 figures minimum, no max but ideally they could be up to 4 stands of 6 models if based for BLB. Alternatively they could be based however you like.

The units will be judged by myself, Barry Hilton, David Imrie and Dave O'Brien. The competition will run over September and October in order to give people enough time to get a unit finished. The units can be painted in any style, to any standard. We'll be judging them 'as a unit'.

The prizes are I think quite nice:

1st Prize : Signed copy of Beneath the Lily Banners plus 8 packs of any WARFARE MINIATURES code combination the winner chooses. There will also be an additional 'specials' pack which will for now remain a mystery.

2nd Prize: 8 packs of any WARFARE MINIATURES code combination the winner chooses.

3rd Prize: A signed copy of Beneath the Lily Banners

4th Prize: 4 packs of WARFARE MINIATURES code combination the winner chooses.

5th Prize: Set of BLB order markers code as the winner chooses.

You do not need to send the units to us. All you need to do is post minimum 2 photos showing at least a front and rear view. Post your photos in the Warfare Miniatures Competition Thread on the LoA Fighting Talk forum. There is no limit to the number of entries from a single individual. You MUST have painted the models yourself to qualify.

Look forward to seeing the entries!


  1. Clarence,

    Might a link to "Warfare Miniatures" be appropriate? I (for one) am not familiar with them.

    -- Jeff

  2. Great idea Clarence! Sadly it's not my period and I don't have the time to paint a whole unit by the end of October but that doesn't stop me from commending you on the idea and I'll try to remember to point people to it from my blog.

    Now, if you get round to having a similar competition for Republic to Empire. Well, that might be a different matter... :-)

  3. Warfare Miniatures is a line of models designed for Beneath the Lily Banners. Have a scroll through my Warfare Miniatures Topic page:

    Then head over to the League of Augsburg site - the news page, gallery, and forum all have dedicated sections for Warfare Miniatures:

    There will be a dedicated website for the company soon, but for the immediate future, you can order the models direct from the LoA Shop:

    If you have a copy of BLB2, all of the uniform guide pages are exclusively Warfare Miniatures!

    I have been remiss in not talking about this more, but I live under the assumption (perhaps mistaken) that anyone following my humble blog is also a frequent visitor to the LoA site. I shall endeavor to add news more often!

  4. I must have missed it, but when is the deadline?

  5. The contest runs through the end of the year to give everyone a chance to turn in their best effort!