October 5, 2011

The Second Wave

Second sales to first time customers have been very encouraging. Encouraging enough for Barry to commission the 2nd wave production moulds. This means that we should have a quantity of new packs available for CRISIS ANTWERP 4TH NOVEMBER. Preorders should probably be available on the 2nd Wave in late October at the LoA Shop.

WAVES 2 & 3 will have at least 16 packs but possibly 20. The list currently is as follows:

1.Gun of Position + 6 crew
2.Field gun + 4 crew
3.Light gun +2 crew
4.Galloper gun + 2 crew
5.Limber set
6.Tumbril cart set
7.Wagon set
8.Grenadier storming party
9.Senior Commanders (2 mounted officers)
10.Staff Group (1 mounted & 2 dismounted officers)
11.Mixed codes 1 (poses that will compliment WLOA1-WLOA9)
12.Mixed codes 2 (poses that will compliment WLOA1-WLOA9)
13.Dismounted Dragoons
15.Horse troopers
16.Horse Command

Hope this is good news for you!

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