August 23, 2011

Cover Sketch for a New Book

With BLB2 behind us, the next book is on the way - no rest for the wicked.

This will be for the Crimean War, working title is FOUR EMPIRES, and you will need a copy of REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE to play. However, even if you don't use our rules, this book will be a great reference because we intend to cover the armies and uniforms in detail from a wargamer's perspective. Of course there will also be tons of photos of well painted minis on fantastic terrain, all the rules you need to bring R2E to the Crimea, and a turn-by-turn battle report.

No date has been set for release... watch this space!


  1. So when will you get back to the ECW, Clarence?

    -- Jeff

  2. Well, actually I'm working on the manuscript right now - I have to write the bloody thing as well as the layouts, artwork, etc.

    We actually made a conscious decision to push back Victory Without Quarter because the Black Powder ECW supplement is due out about the time we originally planned. With so many things on the calendar, we shuffled things to avoid the traffic jam we found when we released R2E (four Napoleonic sets came out within a couple of months).

    I think Victory Without Quarter will be out in 2012...

  3. So this will actually be a full book?

    If so, brilliant!

  4. Yes - originally the plan was to simply produce a short PDF expansion, but as the project grew we were looking at 50-60 pages, so we decided to go ahead and print it and add as much value as we could.

  5. Hi
    Do you have any updates on Four Empires


    Steve Campbell