June 21, 2011

North Carolina Militia

I finally got my photography (and painting) lights worked out and I was able to snap some pics of my latest militia unit. I really like the way the stumps and logs worked out. I am also very happy with the way the flag looks in action!

Thought this unit was worth some more photos...

The third unit is underway...


  1. Deserter! Shoot em ded sah!

    Um sorry don't know what came over me..very nice figures great to see it all coming together. Think you'll get to roll any dice for these ones?

  2. Very Nice unit !

    Best Regards Dalauppro

  3. Very impressive painting - I really like the ones kneeling behind the log


  4. Thanks, guys!

    Minitrol, I REALLY hope so, but I've got to paint someone for them to fight too... my plans call for about a dozen units per side, but I have some small scenarios that I might be able to play with half that number so I'll probably paint up some Brits or Hessians before I get my entire American force finished.

  5. Typical Americans, can't fight unless their hiding behind something ;0)

    Very nice as always Clarence but could you please stop posting all these pics as it's making me very unhappy with my little 15mm chaps?