June 14, 2020

Camels and a Horsie!

It's a great feeling to meet a hobby goal. This unit and the edition of a mounted Emir, completes my initial target to face off against my Highlanders.

Not a great photo, but I'll set up some proper shots on terrain when I get in my first game.

So for a quick recap, this gives me four units of Beja foot (two with spears, one with swords, and one with rifles), the camels, and a mounted Emir - 89 models in a relatively short period of time. Going forward I intend to add two units of Nile Arabs and a unit of Baggara cavalry. Beyond that? Well, we'll see. I may incorporate ahistorical things like Zanzibar slavers (I don't think they ranged up the Nile to Egypt), nefarious Belgian mercenaries (not really appropriate as allies of the Mahdi), or Central African style brigands (Rugga Rugga). I already have a large collection of these from the Wargames Foundry Darkest Africa range that will fit right in with a little rebasing. Of course, I can always add more Beja foot!

Up next - reinforcements for the Brits - a platoon of the IX Sudanese!


  1. The Mahdists fought some battles in Abyssinia versus the Ethiopians, sometime between the capture of Khartoum and Kitchener's campaign in 1897-98.

    Your figures look gorgeous.


    1. Firstly, Fab stuff Clarence- a truly gripping yarn! Looking forward to part two.

      @ Der alt Fritz, who does decent Abyssinians in 28mm? The sort suitable to the Mahdist campaigns in Abyssinia? Does anyone have any visual source material? This is something I would very much like to do.

    2. IMHO Empress make the nicest range of 28mm Abyssinians available, though it's small. Castaway Arts in Australia also have a range, which I think is one of their nicer lines of figures. Askari Miniatures have an Ethiopian range, some of which can also be used as Abyssinians, though you will have to decide if they qualify as "decent" sculpts!

  2. The Mahadists fought also the Italians in Abyssinia

    Great project and figures!

  3. Excellent stuff Clarence. The Perry Sudan range is a real joy to paint. I'm currently painting up a force of Beja for Kevin Calder's Up the Nile rules which after just one read I fell in love with.