May 30, 2020

76 Models in Two Weeks!

That's it! Four units of Beja infantry (two with spears, one with swords, and one with rifles) for my Mahdist army!

And a few trees (I'm up to around a dozen - I've been fitting these into spare moments between units). Just twelve camel riders and a mounted Emir (got a head start on these today, though sadly I don't think I'll have much time tomorrow to make further progress over the weekend) and I'll be ready to march on the infidels!

I'm working on a small, straight forward scenario now, a reconnaissance in force by a British company to investigate reports of massing enemy troops in a nameless village east of Ginnis that could threaten the southern rail line. It will (hopefully) be the first shots in a mini-campaign!


  1. Those Beja camels are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished.

  2. My God, you have gone big on this under the radar!

    Fantastic work Clarence. I thought I saw one of my uncles in the Camerons you painted :)

  3. Excellent work, I always try to fit in bits as I go too, but ok where near that this last month, been busy renovating the house