October 17, 2014

AWI South Carolina Militia

Done and dusted!

Regular readers are sick or hearing this, but in case you've just stumbled on the blog, my flags are designed to be easily removed and replaced. This unit can be used for any militia, ragged Continentals, or even loyalists with a quick flag swap!

After painting so many units, I am running our of unique command models. I had a pack of Wargames Foundry command that I must have purchased ten years ago (?) so I grabbed an officer model from that pack. Obviously sculpted by the Perrys, it fits in well. The Foundry models are a little shorter and a little stockier than the modern Perry minis, but not appreciably so... I'll call him Colonel Stubby!

Right! I'm on a roll. The next unit has already been mounted on painting stands and undercoated. I liked the color scheme on these models so much that I decided to paint a unit (mostly) uniformed in that manner.

Stay tuned!