October 1, 2014

1st Continental Dragoons

October is going to be AWI month! I am going to try and add a little to the American army EVERY day, though I won't always have time to post every day.

To give me a head start on the blog, I have a couple of cavalry squadrons already finished to start things off...

My plan called for THREE stands of the 1st and 3rd Dragoons combines, but as most rules I use have squadrons of six models, I figured I might as well go ahead and paint six models of each regiment. Accounts of the uniforms of the 1st Continental Dragoons have them in either blue coats with red cuffs or brown coats with green cuffs (and Troiani has depicted them in blue coats with green cuffs). They seem to have worn both and there is confusion as to when they changed, so I simply decided to mix them together (which is probably how they made the transition anyway).

I'll post the 3rd Continental Dragoons in a couple of days...