January 26, 2014

Zorbag the Widowmaker

The dread captain of my Angmar Battle Company...

Zorbag the Widowmaker is one of my favorite LotR orc models. Garbed in warg hide and wielding a military pick, he just looks like he means business! He's also nearly a head taller than the other orcs in my collection so he stands out among the mob.

I often get questions about painting armor and like most of my techniques, it's dead simple! I drybrush Citadel Leadbelcher over a black undercoat and leave lots of black showing in the shadowed areas. Then I use a wash of black, brown, or blue depending on the effect I want. In this case, I wanted dirty, battered plate so I use Seraphim Sepia. Finally, I go back with Runefang Steel and just highlight the hard edges. The technique result in armor with a lot of tone variation that creates a very realistic look with relatively little effort.

More orcs in a few days...


  1. The fact that you give your captains names gives them so much more character. I also like you paintjob more than the one that Games Workshop have done on this model.