January 19, 2014

The Warriors of Arnor

Here are the core of my LotR Battle Companies force, four Warriors of Arnor with spear and shield...

They have been painted in the same manner as their Captain. I was put off building a larger force for a while because there are only three poses available, but I didn't realize they have separate right arms until recently. Each arm is in a different position so by simply mixing the arms you get nine different models. By varying the angle of these you can create even more variation. Finally you can substitute arms from the plastic Warriors of Gondor or Rohirrim as well with a little effort. I am now intent on collecting enough models to field two full squads (12 models each) for the 'normal' LotR Battle Game, but I'm going to do that slowly. I may see what I can find on e-bay before dropping $15 for three models, but with the way GW seems to be dropping the range I might go ahead and make the investment before they are gone. Luckily I own all of the old metal characters (the King, the Seer, and the Standard Bearer) that are no longer available from GW.

On to the Rangers of Arnor!


  1. Very nice work again! The green is stunning.

  2. Looking good, they should make a very nice LotR force when completed.

  3. These are awesome - do you know how rare these are now! Very jealous!

    1. Heh... I have twenty four of them, plus all of the characters... I have lots of rare metal LotR models. I bought these compulsively when they were first released and I am just now getting around to painting some of them!