September 30, 2012

Wolseley’s Enniskillen Regiment

Here is the second squadron of Wolseley's Horse Regiment...

The ensign is a conversion of one of the troopers. I cut off the sword from his right hand and drilled it for the flag staff. Then I used some modeling putty to re-sculpt part of the hand where I trimmed away the hilt guard and add a sash and feather. The bow on the hip is probably anachronistic but there are some sketches by Mark Allen that show officers with sashes worn in this manner and I thought it looked cool! The pic on the left is at a crude stage but somehow I neglected to take another photo of the finished sculpt... oh, well. I am just starting to attempt more ambitious conversions and am even trying my hand at complete sculpts. I will of course post my efforts...

The squadrons look great ranked up, but my quick and easy photo set-up doesn't allow me to fit both squadrons in the shot! I'll have to arrange some 'action' shots on terrain sometime soon, but that requires a more complex arrangement with studio lighting, etc. and I wanted to get these guys on the blog.

On the painting table next are the Nassau-Saarbrucken-Ottweiler battalion, a unit of converged Dutch grenadiers, Schomberg's Huguenot Horse regiment, and King Billy Himself. After that three Huguenot foot battalions, some artillery, and a few brigade officers and my Williamite army will be finished (for now).


  1. Great looking unit and impressive conversion

  2. Looking great Clarence, and great conversion work too!