September 28, 2012

A Tale of One Gamer - Part Six

This month's 40k painting has brought me to 1500-points...

The addition of the Space Marine Librarian gives me psychic support that my force has been lacking so far and it's never bad to have an extra character. The Command Squad adds extra support for my Space Marine Captain and helps keep from being so easily targeted. Finally, I like to field lots of Troops in my army for those all important objective grabs so I painted up a second Tactical Squad. My army is up to 46 models which is very respectable for Space Marines!

I've decided to target my armies for 1850-points for now which seems to be a fairly popular tournament point total... not that I'll be taking part in such events, but the logic behind the total is to allow a good variety of stuff while still finishing battles in a reasonable amount of time, which suits me perfectly. For November expect to see my Red Scorpions gain reinforcements in the form of a couple of Heavy Support choices! Back to Tyranids for October...


  1. Are you ever going to get back to working on your ECW rules?

    -- Jeff

    1. Barry and I currently have three books in the works, one of which I am responsible for writing, but none of which are Victory Without Quarter. It has been more of a priority to support our existing rules and Warfare Miniatures than add another to the stable right now. That said I would like to finish VWQ and some more work has been done on it, but it is no where near publication...

  2. You are a big inspiration for me about your Painting etc

    maybe you have a look to my blog

    Im Michael an ex Games Workshop Employe and now startet a Painting Blog...maybe you find something interesting

    would be an honor to see you arround

  3. Great, work, i really like the "charcoal" of the armor. Is it possible to now the colors used to paint them.
    Greetings from France

    1. Thanks! I used Foundry paints for the grey armor. I use a black undercoat and add the first layer of Slate Grey Shade 32A with a heavy over brushing - basically dry brushing with more pigment on the brush. The strokes always in the direction of top to bottom, creating natural shadows in the deepest recesses.

      The second layer is Slate Grey 32B and is applied with a more usual dry brushing technique. The final layer is Stone Light 57C and painted in sharp highlights on the edges of the armor.

      Hope that helps! If I get the chance I'll work up a step by step of complete Red Scorpions model soon.