May 28, 2010

My 'To Do' List

Historicon 2010 is fast approaching! With about a month and a half left, here's what I still need to do...

* Finish the game boards! These are coming along quite well, and I should have them done in a few weeks so no real worries there!
* Finish half a battalion of French line infantry... again the work of only a few days if I can find the time to sit down and do it.
* Paint up as many French skirmishers as I have time to finish... ideally I will have 20 in my personal collection (enough to deploy five battalion voltiguer companies), but it may be rare in the game that all of the brigades are acting under the same orders so I might only need half that many for practical use.
* Rebase one battalion of British Light Infantry.
* Paint all of my Brigade Order Markers. I have one set done with three more sets to go.
* Paint the small Spanish village I built for the scenario. This is really just for decoration as it will end up in the corner of the board, but I want as much detail as possible for the convention. I'll have pics of these soon...
* Paint half a dozen Spanish civilians to add a little character to the village.
* Build the bridge around which the Republic to Empire scenario is designed.
* Finish the bases of my European buildings for our Beneath the Lily Banners game.
* Repaint/rebase half a dozen walls to match my current terrain.
* Get boxes to transport 30-40 units of models for the two scenarios (I have what I need to transport the terrain and other tools)!
* Get a king-sized sheet (or whatever I need to cover a 6x10' table) to cover the game tables to dress up our presentation a bit.
* Fashion signs for both games, which will be attached to the sheet via magnets so everyone knows who the heck we are.
* Work up play sheets for the second edition of Beneath the Lily Banners which will not yet be available by Historicon, but the manuscript is ready and we will run those games with the new version of the rules.

I'd love to add a couple of squadrons of Perry Dragoons, but I'm not sure I have that kind of time left. If cavalry makes an appearance the French will need to make due with the 5th Hussars (from my logo above) and the allies with the 1st KGL...


  1. That's quite a 'to-do' list - nearly as big as mine! Where does the time go? You've put in a huge effort for Historicon but I'm sure it'll pay off and we'll all be looking forward to all the sumptuous pics of the action I'm sure you'll be posting afterwards. I share your frustration with French cav - the delightful problem with all the new Perrys releases being so many figures to paint and not enough time to paint 'em! Those Front Rank (?) Brit hussars look superb by the way - I'm sure they'll turn a few heads on the way to slicing up a few dam-ned Froggies eh what?


  2. I hope that you have not bitten off more than you can chew with so little time remaining before H-Con. Good luck with your plans

  3. It's all under control... the boards will nearly finished over the weekend though I'll probably fuss over them for the whole next month. Many of the things on the list are not labor intensive - the main thing is getting the troops finished!