May 17, 2010

Historicon Schedule

The event list for Historicon 2010 has been up for a couple of days. Barry and I will be running six games over the course of the convention, three for each of our books:

The Battle of Almaraz - Spain, 6 Aug 1809
Thursday 4PM, Friday 8 PM, and Saturday 9AM (each game is scheduled for 3 hours and 8 players)
GM: Clarence Harrison with Barry Hilton
Sponsor: League of Augsburg and Quindia Studios
Napoleonic 28mm, Rules: Republic to Empire
After the battle of Talavera, the British were victorious but forced to retreat all the same as French reinforcements arrived. The British formed a new defensive position behind the river Tagus. All of the crossings were well defended, but that might not have been the case if Marshal Soult had been more decisive....

The Battle of the Boyne - Ireland, 1 July 1690 - Theme Game
Friday 10 AM, Saturday 2PM, and Sunday 9AM (each game scheduled for 3 hours and 8 players).
GM: Clarence Harrison with Barry Hilton
Sponsor: League of Augsburg and Quindia Studios
Pike and Shot 28mm, Rules: Beneath the Lily Banners
Two armies consisting of Danish, French, Dutch, Huguenot, German, English and even Irish troops met on the banks of the River Boyne near Drogheda. Both were led by men insisting that they alone were the rightful King of England…

I find it funny they've been listed as "GM: Clarence Harrison with Barry Hilton". More like "GM: Clarence Harrison watching Barry Hilton." Well, at least with Beneath the Lily Banners. I filled out the registration so I guess I got top billing. Anyway, you can grab spots in one (or more) of these games if you preregister. In the event that all the games fill up (and I honestly have no idea what kind of interest they will generate), you're welcome to come by anyway - if it's at all possible, we'll find something for you to command as long as there's room at the table!


  1. Clarence,

    Sigh. I wish I could be there. I hope you all post the scenarios after the events.

    Your starter scenario has me basing up my Portuguese (to fill in for the Spanish) and I hope they will soon participate in the inaugural game on my new table.

    Which, btw, has me wondering: what kind of dimensions do you make your hills? I found when laying out my terrain that the hills are all leftovers from 15mm and are little more than mounds for R2E-size battalions.

    Thanks for the rules and two interesting sites.

    Ed v H-F

  2. Yes I wish I was there too. Only 2 hour drive for me but during a vaction eith family. Next year maybe. I really wanted to see and or plays these rules and see your terrain.