December 28, 2020

A YouTube Channel for the League of Augsburg!

Barry Hilton has started his long promised commitment to video content. He has made a short introductory video to Mad for War which I have uploaded to YouTube on a League of Augsburg channel. My hope is that both Barry and I will use this channel to support Donnybrook, Beneath the Lily Banners, Republic to Empire, Victory Without Quarter and Mad for War

We have a few instructional videos to upload over the next few days. These provide a walk through the core mechanics of the rules for Mad for War and a couple of short example games.

It would be great if you would subscribe to the channel and support our continuing crusade to bring 17th century gaming to the wider wargaming community. Thanks in advance!

The link is here. Click and have a look!

Mad for War Trailer

Learning all the way but was fun to do.

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