July 17, 2020

Captain Rippington and the Canyon of Doom - Part Two

This took a little longer than I planned. I had some publishing duties on top of my normal day job, but here's the exciting conclusion to my game of The Sword and the Flame!

Whew! The game really came down to the last turn. I'll have one final post on this game with some thoughts on TSATF.


  1. Nicely done! I assume after the inch short charge of the natives, the Sergeant was able to make it to the village safely with the Captain.

    1. Thanks! Yes, on the last turn of the game those native cards cards came up first. None of the other units were in range to prevent the British from reaching the village.

  2. That really is very well done. I read through to the end. A page turner.

  3. Great stuff!

    Especial kudos for the painting of the kilts, these are amongst the very, very few I've seen that look like the real thing.

    Love the comic book/graphic novel look. My Prince Valiant posts could use that look!

  4. Thanks, Ross! If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find a step by step tutorial for how I painted the tartans.

  5. Really outstanding. Great narratives, wonderful figures and award winning terrain. The comic book graphics are wonderful.

  6. Excellent! Always a nailbiter!