March 17, 2020

71st Regiment, WiP

Work has been a bit slow on this.. the Coronavirus hasn't seen me sequestered yet.

Hopefully, I can knock out a couple more bases this week. I really want to get a few battalions painted so I can start playing some (small-ish) games!

I have yet to decide on a rule set, and there's no reason I have to just stick to one. I have no less than eight or nine designed for the AWI or near enough that converting them will be a simple task. Piquet is near the top of my list at the moment because it is perfect for solo play and it's something I used extensively for 15mm Napoleonics, though it's been two decades (holy crap, I'm old) since I ventured there. There have been several editions now, but my favorite remains the original. I have a particular love of The Sword and the Flame as well and I've seen several homebrew mods for adapting this. Finally, I'm toying with the idea of adapting my own Victory Without Quarter set to the period as that too is great for running games by oneself.

But first I need to get some more of his Majesty's troops painted! Stay tuned...


  1. Great work.
    Very interested in seeing VWQ adapted for the AWI.

  2. Great start mate, sadly my AWI are sitting awaiting love, which I fear is a long way off!

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