January 24, 2020

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Fureans, Part Two

Next up we have not one, but two Warhounds! These models have to be among my favorite Games Workshop kit! I built the pair with identical weapons because I expect them to stick together and I think they will be most effective if all of their guns have similar ranges. I should warn you, I suck at actually PLAYING these games as my choices are based on what I thought looked cool... treat any tactical advice I might give with suspicion.

Something that's so great about Adeptus Titanicus is that each of the warmachines can have unique heraldry. Even though both of these Warhounds are clearly members of the Legio Fureans, they bear markings that identify them as individuals.

To give these models an obvious sense of scale, even to those unfamiliar with the game, I dug out some old Epic models and ruined walls to add detail to the bases. The traitor Space Marines above have been painted as Emperor's Children, chosen for contrast against all of the yellow armor. Technically, these are too small in scale to go with the newest version of the titan models, but I like how it looked.

I should point out that these kits are very easy to magnetize to swap weapons, but I've chosen not to do this. I figure if I need a different combo, I'll paint more titans! I need to get around to naming my titans as that's a big part of the lore. Maybe by the time I've run through the next couple of posts I'll have sorted this out.

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  1. Looks really good!

    Im starting to get a little weak for Legio Fureans my self.