March 11, 2018

The War of Three Kings QRS

We opted out of printing a QRS this time, but fear not you can have them absolutely free! Once you get a handle on the game, most of the rules you'll need are right here...


We got that with Republic to Empire and it somehow translated into causing some people anxiety. Let me head this off at the pass and point out YOU DON'T NEED ALL OF THIS, but I play this game too and I know what I like to have on hand without the need to refer to the book.

The entire page of 'When to Take Morale Checks' (page five) was added to round out the count to an even number (and save you needing to grab the book). You'll rarely need to refer to move distances and terrain effects (page two) after a game or two, but again it's good to have at hand. Same goes for the Order Allowance Table, Musket Ranges, and definitions of Orders and 'Unit is...' from the Close Combat charts. The Commander Ability table, Risk to Officers, and Artillery Misfire table are rarely necessary.

For the most part, you need the Turn Sequence (page one), the Close Combat charts (page three), Shooting and Artillery (page four), and Morale (page six). You can bin the others if you like. YOU might not need page one, but I find that no matter how many times I play a game, I muddle the Turn Sequence with the other 99 sets of rules I have rattling around in my head (Where's the Magic Phase?).

Ahem... right... rant finished...

You can download these onto a tablet, print them double sided and laminate them, or print them singly and slip them back to back, maybe with a sheet of card in between, into plastic sleeves (like the ones made for binders). I put mine into a custom GM screen like the kind those nerdy RPG folks use (cos playing with toy soldiers is way cooler)... pretty much heavy card sheathed in vinyl with clear pockets on each side...

Not sure where I got this, because I've had it for years for one of those nerdy RPGs, but there's a good selection online. My screen is a tri-fold, but the four-fold screens would let you add a couple of sheets with notes on your scenario, special rules, etc.  After the fact I'm thinking I'd like to have references for Fighting in Built Up Areas which I left out initially - maybe I'll get around to making up some sheets for a fourth panel (OMG! It's EIGHT PAGES LONG!). These days 'landscape' format is more popular with RPGers, but that would work just as well since we're not actually setting these things on the table to hide our dice rolls... usually...

Let me know if I can improve these in some way - the best thing about not having 1000 of these printed is that I can go back and update the files!


  1. Where can we find this please to download?

  2. These are high resolution (300dpi) images. Right click each one to make it full screen, then left click (SHIFT+click on a Mac) and choose 'Save as...'