February 11, 2018

Trolls Come in All Shapes and Sizes

One of the most tedious things about working on rules is trying to weigh options against others. In my games, I tend to just throw models on the table, but in an effort to ensure others a decent shot at having two relatively balanced forces for a fair game relative strengths and weaknesses need to be compared to get a ball park for how many 'points' a model is worth.

In Donnybrook this was fairly simple. There are some Special Characters that have an edge over others if approaching as a power gamer, but the card mechanics tend to have a balancing factor of their own. If my unit of Recruits has their card come up three turns in a row while your Elite grenadiers are faffing about without a draw, the d6 models will end up being more powerful than the d10 ones for that game.

In Donnybrook Dark, balancing things is more difficult. How many zombies equal a detachment of Drilled Dragoons? How many trolls?

Right now, I'm leaning toward 1 point for two trolls and that means I needed another one. I painted Örjan a few months ago. This model is an 80's era Citadel troll and perfectly fit the aesthetic I wanted.

Digging around in the recesses of the mountains of lead tucked away around my house I found another antique model that fits well with the first one, even though in a totally different aspect. Meet Hugo, an old Ral Partha sculpt...

My concept of my milieu is that Fey creatures don't follow any norm and come in all shapes and sizes. This model was a little smaller than Örjan, but mounting him on the rocks gives him the illusion of a bit more bulk.

More soon...