May 18, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon

Shadow War: Armageddon is the revival of the Necromunda rules by Games Workshop and it has my group gearing up to play a campaign. The rules are nearly identical to the game from the 90's with the main difference being that rather than desperate gangs of underhive scum, your force can be drawn from elements of any 40k army (though I think you could happily build any of the old gangs with the Astra Militarium list and use the old skill trees for advancement).

This is Fingob's Ladz, my Ork Kill Team. Fingob is the brute with the Power Klaw (overkill for a starting gang, but it's what my model has - if I run Orks for the campaign, I'll paint up a new Fingob with a Kombi-flamer). His right hand ork, Fester, is a kunning Spanner Boy and carries a Big Shoota. The rest of the mob consists of four Boyz (Hef, Cloutgob, Mangeye, and Naffbitz) and three Yoofs (Pulg, Wort, and Snik). I have zero idea of how effective this gang will be, but I just love playing Orks!

I can make five or six Kill Teams just by pulling minis form my cabinets, but I plan on custom designing another Ork mob (Bloodaxe Kommandos) and a Inquisition Pacification Force.

I'm still working on some proper underhive terrain, but my urban sprawl should do nicely for now...

We've going to get in some games tonight. I'll have some notes on what happened in a few days, but these are just for fun and to get to grips with the rules so there won't be any real record keeping yet.


  1. Oh, orks looking great on these terrain!

  2. Your set up looks cool - Shadow Wars looks like it could represent gritty urban skirmish warfare really well.

  3. Looks good, tell us how they go!

  4. Hi,

    I built this and thought you might find it useful/interesting. It creates, manages and tracks your Kill Teams

  5. very nostalgic - you making the trip to HCON this year

    1. Sadly, no. I used all of my spare vacation in my trip across the pond. I'm planning on going next year and Mr Hilton might make the trip as well...

    2. I'd pick Ireland over Historicon also! Wise choice.
      I'll try not to butcher your Donnybrook rules too much during my DAK & Dragon games!

    3. Butcher away! Wait until you see what I'm doing with them... there might be trolls...