February 26, 2017

Lord of Change

My brother Dennis has been collecting armies for Tzeentch for as long as we've been playing Warhammer, both for 40k and Fantasy (and now Age of Sigmar). The new Lord of Change model was enough to make ME want to collect a Tzeentch army, but I have waaaay to much going on to start another new project. However, I did get the chance to paint the daemon when Dennis bought it. He paints well, but wanted this giant monster to be a real centerpiece for his collection and took me up on my offer to do it.

I'm pretty pleased with the results...

Now this gives me the excuse to paint my Nurgle Glotkin model, the only thing I have in my cupboards that might stand a chance against this monster!


  1. Tzeentch is probably also my favorite chaos god and you really did this guy justice. Still waiting for new beastmen that will draw me back in but this does look a little tempting. Great stuff.

  2. Thats some awesome work there. A little question (altough its highly unprobable i will be able to mimic it) ¿How did you paint the gold?

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Galan, the gold was all GW paints...

    Base coat Gehenn'a Gold
    Wash of Druchii Violet
    Highlight with Gehenn'a Gold
    Final Highlight with Auric Armour Gold

    Hope that helps!

  4. Amazing paintjob! Wow that is a superb looking job!