October 24, 2016

My Dad Builds Models in 1:1 Scale

My father (red shirt) rebuilt this Farmall Cub tractor from a rusty, non-working hulk over the course of two years. He sourced as many original parts as possible (an eBay hunt that mirrors my search for 1980's era Citadel models), sanded away rust, repainted everything, and repaired the engine to working order. He asked for my modeling expertise to apply the decals as a finishing touch...

Early on when I asked why he was doing this, he asked "Why do you paint little men?" Oh... got it!

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool!

EDIT: Mom sent me some WiP pics...

Dad sporting a beard (!) and one of his friends who helped with the project...


  1. Very cool indeed. There are a lot of farmers in my community that do the same thing. With one or two parades through town every year or so.

  2. Fantastic post! Your Dad has done a great job on the tractor....well done with the decals.

  3. Superb looking tractor - what a fun project

  4. I learned to drive on one almost EXACTLY like this one hauling 4-8' logs out of the woods for firewood! Nice restoration.

  5. Cool. There's someone in the neighborhood I take my morning walks in who is a tractor buff. I have no idea what the tractors are that he has, I have just seen several restored tractors parked in his yard.