June 8, 2015

Concord Strike Trooper

Here is my first Concord Strike Trooper for my second Starter Army in Beyond the Gates of Antares...

Again, there is precious little to go on for what may be considered 'correct'. We only have one example with the studio army. My initial inclination was all units equipped by the vast resources of the Concord Combined Command (C3) would be uniform, like Stormtroopers from the Star Wars universe. However, like the Boromites, I decided to make the army mine and choose my own color scheme.

All paints are Games Workshop unless otherwise noted...

Green Armour and Weapon Muzzle - Caliban Green (Base), Biel-Tan Green (Shade), Warpstone Glow (Layer), and Moot Green (Layer)
Bone Armour - Zandri Dust (Base), Seraphim Sepia (Shade), Ushabti Bone (Layer), and Screaming Skull (Layer)
Metal - Wargames Foundry Slate Grey (32 A-C) with spot highlights of Ceramite White (Base)
Red - Mephiston Red (Base), Carroburg Crimson (Shade), Evil Sunz Scarlet (Layer), and Wild Rider Red (Layer)
Pouches (Grenades? I'm not sure, but I painted them as pouches) - Mournfang Brown (Base), Agrax Earthshade (Shade), Skrag Brown (Layer), and Deathclaw Brown (Layer)
Black - Abaddon Black (Base), Dark Reaper (Layer), and Thunderhawk Blue (Layer), plus the visor has sharp highlights of Ceramite White (Base)

These may come along a bit slower than the Boromites because I have a lot going on this summer, but they will be in the mix...

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