March 8, 2015

Just a quick note - the old website at is gone. This weekend I changed hosting groups and decided in the move to not immediately transfer the content. It has been dormant for years as all of my current projects have been featured here and on the other blogs I maintain. I will feature some of the popular articles here and revisit some of old gallery photos as well, but I plan on replacing the site with a new design in the future which incorporates this blog as part of the whole.


  1. Thanks for the news, I went to your site to use an article for reference and was wondering happened. For what it is worth, your terrain board article is an excellent and unique resource and has been a tremendous aid to me as I fumble through my own terrain project. I hope you recycle those articles!

    My thanks for all the work put into this and the old Quindia site.


  2. Thanks, Jim!

    Check the Terrain label on this blog - there is a series on building terrain boards that has much the same information!

  3. Well, I'll be! Thanks for pointing that out to me! You have some very nice examples to work from here as well.


  4. Clarence, I've been a huge fan of your work and vociferous promoter of your "Desert Terrain Board" and general "How to Build Terrain Boards" articles on your old site, and was heartbroken to recently discover they were gone.

    I very much hope you will re-post them in their entirety here on your new site. I understand a lot of the same ground has been covered by you more recently, but please believe me when I speak for the army of terrain-building neophytes like myself and commend the clear, concise, step-by-step detail contained in your old articles. Also, your "Desert Boards" tutorial saved my life when I first discovered them back in Spring of 2010 and then went on to use them as a guideline for building my own set of "Maiwand Day" boards for the 130th Anniversary of that Second Anglo-Afghan War battle.

    To this day, five years later, that tutorial of yours remains the best one-stop "How To" for building desert boards, at least IMHO. I really, REALLY hope you will be able to find the time to re-post those two sets of tutorials here on your current site. I went back to your general terrain-board tutorials last year and used them as invaluable reference for a set of expansion boards including two rivers and a swamp which I'm almost done building, and which would be nowhere near as nice without everything I learned "remotely" from you. Whatever you do, thanks for having shared so much of your brilliant work with the rest of us!

    Best wishes,

    Ethan Reiff

    1. Wow, thanks... I'll get on that right away...

  5. Clarence, thank YOU for replying and for actually posting the first part of your Desert Board tutorial! I know I speak for a lot of my fellow Colonial gamers around the world (as well as many Ancient, Crusades, and Western Desert gamers as well) when I say we really appreciate it!