November 22, 2014

AWI American Artillery

Here are the last of the combat units for my original goal for the American army...

I have limbers and a powder wagon to add at some point, but artillery wasn't as nimble in the AWI as in later periods. The limbers were usually civilian hires and their wagon teams were moved to the rear in fighting. It was not at all certain that they would come back if the battle was going against them! Limbers would be more useful in meeting engagements where the guns need to move onto the field.

I left the cannons loose on the base so I can swap out the guns for other calibers or use the same guns with the limbers. The Perry limbers actually come with their guns so if I can round up some loose artillerist models I can make two more stands - probably far more than I would need for most battles. I plan to add a pair of 40x40 stands to place behind these models to form a small artillery park with drag men, spare equipment, crates, etc.


  1. That is a beautiful battery. They are quite striking.

  2. Now your talkin' Clarrie! Fantastic figures and basing from a master!