July 15, 2013

Huguenot Regiment

Still expanding my Williamite army, here is a WIP of the first unit of my Huguenot Brigade...

After some fairly extensive research I have been unable to find out much about the uniforms of the Huguenots other than the fact that they wore grey (gris-mêle). The fact that they were in the middle of so much of the fighting in Ireland and there seems to be no record of facing color might indicate that the facings were simply grey as well. There is a painting by van Wyck that seems to show a unit of grey clad troops with blue facings so I will probably paint one of my Huguenot regiments that way.

In any case, this regiment is destined to be de la Meloniere's I think.

I also took this pic with my iphone 4S using the 645 PRO Mk II app and am impressed with the results. There was absolutely no post editing done on the photo. While it won't replace my normal camera for serious work, it works great on quick shots for web posting!