June 7, 2013

Donnybrook Cover Art

Thanks for your patience! Here is the full cover art...

As with all of my work, the painting is digital, done mostly in Adobe Photoshop, but it started the old fashioned way - with a pencil drawing!

There were lots of small changes along the way, but the end result was basically faithful to my original design and I'm happy with the way this piece turned out.

More on Donnybrook soon!


  1. Impressive work !

    best regards Michael

  2. Splendid!
    I really like the 'Frazetta' look of the damsel in distress.

  3. Hi Clarence

    Do you have a release dator for the Donnybrook rules? Found your presentation of the rules post at the LoA blog, a very interesting read. Sounds like the rules would be prefect to play some "Snapphane" games during the Scanian Wars that I plan to run.

    If you are still in the playtesting phase I would be realy glad to help out and give the "not english as a first language" wiev of the rules:)

    Looking forward to the release of the rules

    best regards Michael


    1. We don't have a date yet, Michael, but the rules are finished. We are working on the layout, organizing the final photographs, etc.

      Donnybrook will be perfect for Scanian War skirmish games...

    2. Hi Clarence
      Sounds good! I Will be looking forward to the relrase of the rules!

      Suppouse i have to start thinking about what minis to use.

      By the way, stunning work on the GNW banners forr dalregementet ! As i'm from the same region of Sweden, its My favourite regiment:)

      Best regards Michael

    3. Thanks, Michael! The flags should be available in a few weeks...