March 4, 2013

Best Army!

Tiny though it may have been, my Plague Marine Squad won the award for best Kill Team in yesterday's GW store tournament! I also tied for second place in the sportsmanship category by garnering multiple votes from my opponents as their favorite opponent. My brother Dennis was voted as the favorite opponent by ALL FOUR of his opponents and won first place in the sportsmanship category!

My first game was against one of my oldest friends and longtime 40k opponent, Jim, and his Imperial Guard. The Plague Marines stood up to my expectations for durability and absorbed amazing amounts of firepower, including multiple heavy bolter rounds. I managed to win this game with a comfortable 9-2 score, but the game would have been much closer but for the fact that Jim forgot to move his Chimera closer to the objective, giving me an easy 5 points!

My second game was against a Tau army run by a very nice guy named Jason. The game started poorly for me when I lost three Plague Marines on turn two, but I managed to hang on without any more casualties and won 7-5 on the final turn by pushing the Tau away from the objective and claiming the 5 points again!

My third game was against Dark Angels and a young guy named Drew. He was apologetic because he was just getting into the game and hadn't painted his models... then he crushed me with a combination of sniper rifles, crack missiles, and plasma bolts. The score was 12-0 and I had only one Plague Marine left at the end of the game!

In the end, I was 2-1 having missed out on one round, Jim and Dennis both 3-1, and Tom 2-2. Despite the victories, none of our average points were enough to place 1st-3rd in the tournament, but the Best Army award was actually more important to me anyway. More importantly, we all had a great time! The Kill Team event is going to be a monthly event at the store and I think we are all in again next time...


  1. Well done Clarence! Sounds like a good days gaming.

  2. Congratulations, Clarence. Best Army and second in Sportsmanship are both better (in my opinion) than being in the top three.

    By the way, we've just started a new VWQ battle (the third in a mini-campaign). As you know we are using it a century before intended but it is working fine.