August 16, 2012

Here Comes the Cavalry

I am happy to announce that the next wave of flags from Quindia Studios will be available in the LoA shop any day now! As the title of the post suggests these are all horse regiments and again the focus has been on the Boyne/Aughrim campaign (plus the first sheet of Jacobite Scots), but many may be useful beyond that theater. There are 35 regiments in all - most with two flags per regiment. The Lifeguard Regiments of King William III and King James II include four and five flags respectively - one for each troop. I've taken pains to present known standards as accurately as possible. We simply don't have much information on many of the English and Irish units and I've once again resorted to conjecture for some based on convention and my best guess!

The default size of these flags is roughly 25mm square when proudly mounted on a flag staff, but we will try to accommodate those who wish to use these for smaller scales...


  1. "ditto" The Jacobite flags are of considerable interest.

  2. First time I've seen this era/range done so comprehensively - great work Clarrie old son!


  3. I'm just getting started, Doc! The core of these releases has been TWO battles - the Boyne and Aughrim - some of these flags will be useful for further conflicts and other theaters while many more are disbanded or changed... There are more than 120 regiments so far and this number will continue to rise as I expand the range...