April 28, 2012

Dutch Garde te Voet (Blue Guard)

This battalion has been finished for weeks, but I just got around to taking photos. The big man in the center is a conversion of a Warfare Miniatures officer that I rambled on about here. The reason I've mentioned it again is because Barry has made an offer to cast my conversions and offer them as an new pack in the Warfare Miniature line (assuming I can duplicate my own work)! There is an order in for another pack of officers from the pro, but you can never have too much variety among your leaders since they often form the focal point of the unit.

This is the first of two Dutch Guard units that will be in my army. The second is assembled and under way...


  1. Just a bit special! Excellent job

  2. Beautiful work Clarence, what's the other Dutch regt your going to paint up?

  3. Ray, the other Dutch regiments (or rather units in Dutch pay) I'm going to add are a second battalion of the guard, Brandenburg, and Nassau-Saarbrucken-Ottweiler...