January 20, 2012

Zealand (Sjaellandske)

I finished this last week, but have been remiss about taking photos...

My third battalion, Jutland or Jyske is nearly finished as well - hopefully I can add a few pics up this weekend.

Edit: This version of the Zealand uniform was not issued until 1691 so would be incorrect for the Boyne and Aughrim! The uniform would probably have been blue (about the same color as used for the facings on these models) with white facings.

For now, the unit will stand as is, but I may swap out the flags and replace it in the future. Many of the Jacobite units wore grey with various facings (and most are unknown) so at some point these lads will probably switch sides (not unlike what happened in the real campaign for Ireland).


  1. Very nice looking unit !!!

    best regards dalauppror

  2. Awesome looking unit Clarence.

  3. They have together nicely Clarence. The grey blends look well suited, were you happy with the shade? Very nice.

  4. I think the grey is a little dark, but I wanted to make sure there was enough contrast with the white areas (I never use pure white for campaign dress units so these areas are a light grey) and units dressed in white coats.

    I am very happy with the results!