November 26, 2011

Warfare Miniatures

I wanted to post these pics for two reasons - first they not only show more great Warfare Miniatures, but I also designed them (using photos of Barry Hilton's growing collection) and they will appear as a double-page spread in an upcoming Wargames Illustrated...

Breaking a bit of news (there is a small preview in the ad), I will be designing a range of flag sheets to compliment the Warfare Miniature line. The first sets will cover the Jacobite Wars. Many will be useful for other theaters of the period, but we will be concentrating first on the units that fought in Ireland and Scotland. They will be done in the style of my free AWI flags. Besides the known flags of the theater we will offer a range of fictional flags suitable for filling in units where history hasn't endured (Many of the Jacobite devices in particular are unknown).

As usual, keep an eye here and at the League of Augsburg site for more details!


  1. Great news about the flags, are they going to be sold for 15mm as well???

  2. Ray, the plan is to make them available in 28mm, 15mm, and 10mm... we're going to have to see how some of the designs shrink down and how much a pain it might be to modify if simply re-sampling the images doesn't work... but, yes, the plan is to offer them in multiple sizes.

  3. Nice stuff and great job! I sold off my 15mm figs a while back and have been wanting to redo the period in 28mm. Take care!

  4. They look very nice. Would work fine for Swedish and Danish troops during the Scanian Wars 1675-79:) Very tempting...

    Might be a new project...just have to finish some of the ongoing ones first...

    Best regards Dalauppror