May 20, 2011

Sturmgeshutz and Sorcery - Part III

12th Level Evil High Priest with +2 Armor & Shield, Poison Mace
1 Hero, +1 A & Sh, + 3 Sword
1 Hero, +1 A & Sh, +1 Bow
1 Magician
2 Mummies
3 Ogres
3 Ghouls
4 Trolls
20 Orcs
1 Insectoid Pet of the EHP (equal to Giant Scorpion)

Your able lieutenants Grustiven the Warlock and the Lama Goocz have failed to return from an exploration of an area of unusual nature — just west of your castle a thick fog sprang up and has been obscuring vision since then. Dispel Magic failed to affect the area, and your henchmen were ordered to investigate, for it is possible that some Lawful enemy is at work, using the mist to screen gathering troops. Unfortunately, your strongest fighters and 200 orcs are elsewhere warring with a Neutral Lord who insulted you, so you will have to make do with the forces on hand. An orc detailed to patrol the edge of the fog area has just reported that unusual sounds have been issuing from the area — he described them as: “low growls, the clanking of chains, and a deep humming,” but who can trust a stupid orc?

Considering the state your forces are currently in, it is up to you what the best course to follow is. You can attempt to ambush the enemy before they reach your stronghold, or you can hole up in your castle and prepare to withstand a siege, but if the attackers are strong and not molested until they reach the castle walls, your forces might not be able to prevent an escalade, and you cannot lose your castle!

Crummy photo, but I didn't have time to set up proper lights. Some of the monsters are missing from this shot, but all of the models are finished, including the extra German crew for the vehicles. I'm going to run this solo once or twice using a simple set of rules I modified from the old 1970's D&D rules. I want to make the balance of forces is somewhere near even before springing it on my regular group. At some point in the future I will post an AAR of the game with maps and much better photography...

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  1. I too had great fun with Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery in my high school years in the 70s. Ran a couple at conventions. It made for some memorable gaming moments. If I remember right, we hacked on Brew Up! for the WWII side of the rules as we didn't have a copy of Tractics.