April 20, 2010

Waterloo Weekender

Barry Hilton hosted the first REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE weekender over the... err... last weekend. Kind of a mini convention where he booked a hall in a hotel and the participants payed a fee that included room and board. The battle was Waterloo featuring two 6x12' tables of stunning League of Ausgburg terrain and over 2000 pro-painted models. You can read about the build up and subsequent glowing reports from the event on the Fighting Talk forum. The first pics are going up over in the League of Augsburg Gallery and include relevant notes on the action and the rules. Here is one of the first nine shots posted with more to come!

With a bit of further REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE news, Mark Severin of deepfriedhappymice.com has added a very detailed review of the book to his Rules Directory. Very nicely done and Mark actually read the book before commenting on the rules.

More terrain articles are on the way, but real life has intruded on my hobby time as of late and I've gotten precious little accomplished on that front.


  1. Impressive pictures!

    - Mark actually read the book before commenting on the rules. -

    How dare he! I like my reviews full of pre-conceived opinions and prejudices! :-)

  2. It looks amazing...look at all those units of Light Dragoons. Very Inspirational.